• Sexual harassment/discrimination: We negotiated a settlement of $215,000 on behalf of a group of three employees working in a joint employment arrangement at a large construction site. 
  • Intentional infliction of emotional distress: We were able to settle claims of emotional distress and sexual misconduct at a small professional employer before filing suit. The employer agreed to a payment in the amount of $82,000 to resolve these claims.
  • Unpaid overtime: We represented a group of five former employees who were misclassified as salaried exempt employees by a national professional school. The employees accepted $100,000 in payment for overtime and attorneys’ fees.
  • Unpaid overtime: We represented two former employees at an educational organization in pursuing claims of unpaid overtime, arranging a settlement in the amount of $185,000.
  • Sexual harassment/sex discrimination: We reached a $475,000 settlement of claims by a healthcare professional involving sexual harassment and a failure to promote. The former employer also agreed to provide a favorable recommendation to the employee.
  • Religious discrimination: A job applicant who was passed over for a retail position received a payment of $25,000 soon after litigation was filed asserting claims of religious discrimination and failure to accommodate.
  • Retaliation: We negotiated pre-litigation settlement of $300,000 for employee terminated after serving as witness in internal investigation of sexual harassment. 
  • Disability discrimination: After discovery we negotiated settlement of ADA discrimination/failure to accommodate claims. In addition to payment of more than $200,000, employer agreed to additional retirement credit of approximately four years of service so that our disabled client was able to receive full retirement benefits from a large national employer. 
  • Misclassification: After employer’s motion for summary judgment was denied, we negotiated a settlement of $80,000 to resolve overtime claims for misclassified industrial employee. 
  • Disability discrimination: During arbitration process we negotiated a settlement of $85,000 to resolve claims based on failure to accommodate and termination based upon disability. 
  • Age discrimination: During litigation, we negotiated a settlement of $155,000 on behalf of an employee who was subjected to reduction in force based upon age.
  • Breach of contract: After discovery, we reached a settlement in the amount of $190,000 on behalf of a CFO for a non-profit organization for breach of contract. 
  • Misclassification: We arranged an early settlement of over $111,000 in a collective action for unpaid overtime on behalf of six employees misclassified as agricultural employees. 
  • Sexual harassment: Negotiated pre-litigation settlement of $60,000 on behalf of employee subjected to sexual harassment by small employer.
  • Severance: Arranged pre-litigation severance payment of $103,000 to small company executive, in addition to accelerated stock vesting and other benefits.
  • National origin: Negotiated payment of $52,500 in settlement of national origin claims after filing charge of discrimination.
  • Disability discrimination: After filing litigation, arranged settlement of $50,000 to resolve claims of termination based upon disability.

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